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How Donation Street Works

Let your supporters help fund your non-profit organization with their normal online shopping.

With our ShopLink program, simply add a link to your website and connect your members to the DonationStreet Shopping Mall. Every time they shop, your Organization will earn money.

When they click over to the mall they will be thanked for helping your Organization and will be reminded throughout their shopping experience how much they are helping your cause. It's like having your own online Shopping Mall.

What will this cost my Organization? Nothing, this service is Free.

Why is it Free? There is no charge to you, because we are sharing the revenue. Advertisers pay us a commission when your shoppers make a purchase and we split that commission 50/50 with your organization. Your share will be paid to you by check on a monthly basis. The DonationStreet share is used to support the operations of the website.

How easy is it to set-up the link? This is very simple. Your web person should be able to do this in a matter of minutes. We will send you what you need to set-up the link. We can also provide ideas and suggestions on where to place the link.

To request your link, simply fill out the Enrollment Form, or Contact Us for more information.

Not sure? Here's more:

If your members are already shopping on the Internet, let them help your Organization by shopping at your online mall. By simply buying what they were going to buy anyway, they will help your Organization raise additional money. The beauty of this approach to fundraising is that your members won't need to do anything special or different to help the Organization. This is a way for your members to help without having to give their money or time directly.

Do Shoppers pay more for their purchases? No. They pay the same price whether they shop through your mall or go directly to the store site. In fact, they will save money through coupons, rebates and special offers available at the mall.

Will the Organization be involved in the purchase? No. All transactions are between the Shopper and the Store. The Shopping Mall is there to connect the two, but the transaction is between the Shopper and the Store.

How much commission is paid? The commission amount varies from store to store. Mostly it’s a percentage of the purchase, sometimes it’s a flat fee. Once you are shopping for an Organization, if you go to the mall and look in the upper right hand corner of the website, under the heading “Your Purchase Counts,” you will see the amount change from store to store.

How do payments work? Every time one of your supporters shops, they will earn money for your Organization. We send checks on a monthly basis for amounts over $25.00. We mail the check within 15 - 20 days after our month-end close. We try to do it as fast as we can, but 15 - 20 days assures that all of the checks are processed on time. If your Organization earns less than $25.00 we hold that amount until you have reached the $25.00 level and then we send the check.

How much time and effort will this really take? Very little time to set-up the link. DonationStreet will maintain the Shopping Mall so there's no work there. The only time and effort required by you will be to make your members aware of this new opportunity. You can do this through Newsletters, your Web Site, Announcements or whatever works best for you. The key is to make your supporters aware -- and they will do the rest. An additional benefit will be increased traffic to your web site as your supporters shop. This will give them one more reason to come to your web site and should help leverage the use of the site. You've already got a website. Why not put it to work?

5 Things You Should Know:

  1. You can Shop at over 1000 of your favorite stores - Best Buy, Old Navy, Sears, Office Depot and Wal-Mart just to name a few.
  2. Great savings with Coupons, Rebates, Promotions and unique Special Offers.
  3. No Membership required. Shoppers don't need to join to use the Shopping Mall.
  4. Fundraising is never easy, but this is about as pain free as possible. Your members can help by simply doing what they were going to do anyway.
  5. Online shopping is growing every year. For example - Online Retail Sales for 2004 were $145 Billion - for 2005 that figure is expected to increase almost 16% to $168 Billion. Compounded annual growth through the year 2010 is expected to be 14% annually.(Source: Forrester Research) Take advantage of this increasing trend.

It's really is that Simple.

To request your link, simply fill out the Enrollment Form, or Contact Us for more information.

Your Purchase Counts
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